Ttb uniball conversion

Ford Bronco Long Travel Basics – Don’t Scrap That TTB

This is the most complete rear link kit out there today for the Ford Ranger and the best! We offer two different kits, one for the older i-beam trucks and the other for the newer a-arm trucks. Geometry and mounting locations are designed for the extra-cab models.

ttb uniball conversion

This kit is not only heavily race proven but is also championship winning. This is the same kit we raced on for years in our Camburg Ranger Edge unlimited truck. With the geometry and handling characteristics we built into this kit and the Ranger having narrow frame rails we choose to do the upper links as a more complicated 3-link design vs the traditional 4 link.

Even though its more difficult to build this way, we feel it offers better articulation on the roll center axis and better geometry. The mounting brackets for the lower links and upper wishbone bolt to existing holes in the frame for proper positioning. They also tie into one another for added strength with the carrier bearing mount and strut bars. Combine this with one of our Camburg rear ends for the complete suspension and driveline package.

See CAD drawing above. This kit is for the serious racer and requires extensive fabrication and vehicle modifications. We recommend a qualified off-road race shop to install and setup this suspension system. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Search for:. My cart 0. Phone: New Customer? Sign up. About Camburg. Camburg Engineering is the leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design.

Our over the counter parts are being race tested constantly and have won numerous championships, so if you are looking for the most proven long travel or performance suspension systems Camburg is your 1 choice.

Helpful Links. Camburg Engineering Inc. All Rights Reserved. Choose an option Clear.Looking to lift the rear of your truck? They are progressive for better bottoming control when off-roading but plush when driven on the street for a much better ride compared to stock both on and off-road.

Some models have a mini-pak available at a lower cost that replaces the factory over-load spring with a leaf pack for added lift and progression. Most Deaver springs are not designed for heavy hauling and heavy towing.

Most Deaver springs are not designed for heavy hauling and heavy towing, some are available for higher load capacities when running shells and overland bed racks. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Search for:. My cart 0. Phone: New Customer? Sign up. We include all necessary bushings, sleeves and u-bolts.

Designed for our spring-under kit. Make Model Year.

Camburg Ford Ranger 2wd/4wd ’93-12 Rear 3-link Kit

About Camburg. Camburg Engineering is the leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design. Our over the counter parts are being race tested constantly and have won numerous championships, so if you are looking for the most proven long travel or performance suspension systems Camburg is your 1 choice.

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ttb uniball conversion

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Simpson hybrid Hans device. Mar 28, Fifty. Sub-forums Sub-forums Buggies. Pulled the trigger on a 2. Couple questions for the Ecotec Guys. Feb 13, poorboyyota Lifestyle - Photography, sports, hunting, marine, detailing, RC. Threads 1. Youtube Offroad Vlogging. Dec 1, carl4wd. Mar 17, AshtonP Regional Forums - Chat plan events on a local level .The short wheelbase makes them highly maneuverable in the dirt in almost any situation.

That will usually end with broken U-joints or, worse yet, broken axleshafts. While massive rubber and big horsepower might be out the window, a long travel TTB suspension can turn an otherwise unassuming 4x4 into a go-fast, whoop-eating monster that is still able to crawl and flex its way through a trail like a champ.

What is a cut and turned beam? This results in more ground clearance as well as a bit more wheel travel when done right. Notice how the tie-rod ends are kept pretty close in alignment to the axleshafts.

This is dictated by the pitman arm that you choose to run on your truck. While a Cut and Turned Twin Traction Beam suspension can work with a stock pitman arm, Solo Motorsports recommends the use of a 4-inch drop-pitman arm most aftermarket lift kit companies sell it as PN FD to correct the angle on the steering links.

The drop-pitman arm will align the steering links with the axleshafts while the suspension cycles, which helps keep bumpsteer to a minimum. No long travel truck is complete without a set of custom coilover mounts. While our Bronco is setup with single coilovers right over the beams, the Solo Motorsports coilover mounts also feature integrated bypass shock mounting tabs in case we decide to run a set of bypass shocks to chase down race trucks in the future.

Solo Motorsports ties in their coilover mounts with a crossbar that stiffens up the front end and keeps the frame rails from moving around while hitting major whoops at high speeds. We ordered our Bilstein coilovers with degree fittings and remote reservoir hoses in 14 inches to get them to tuck up over the crossbar without interfering with under-hood components.

One of the key ingredients to getting some serious wheel travel numbers out of a TTB suspension involves the radius arms. While they seem simple in design, Solo Motorsports has done lots of research and development to get the caster angle right throughout the range of suspension arc.

Too much or too little could have adverse effects especially at high speeds. Strong pivot brackets can make the difference when going fast in the dirt especially when you consider the fact that Heim joints allow the suspension to cycle to full droop without much resistance when bombing around rougher sections of desert. We ordered a set of 3-inch stroke FOX 2.

Deaver Rear Leaf Spring Kits

To keep the shocks from pulling themselves apart when airing out the suspension, Solo Motorsports added a set of inch Kartek limit straps. Keep in mind that a limit strap will stretch 1 inch for every foot of limit strap so make sure to factor that into your limit strap placement. One area that needs to be addressed when going for bigger wheel travel numbers on a TTB suspension is the center U-joint on the passenger-side axleshaft.

Most people shave down the center U-joint until it can safely rotate at full droop.Quick links. Uniball uprights on TTB. Posts: Joined: Fri Dec 11, am.

Conversion in process. Still using the D44 center which is only 30 spline so that will be the weak link for the drive axles but the high allow stuff should be twice as strong as junk yard axles. Running a gear driven limited slip which is more forgiving on axles than a full locker would be and it's for go-fast so would not want a front locker anyway. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Can you pull the whole upright off with removing the hub?

Don't think I'll need spare uprights but might get a spare hub. The hubs have left and right hand spindle threads but for a spare you could use one on the wrong side.

The nut is retained with a positive locking mechanism so it can't really come apart. Also they are not designed to be user serviceable, apparently there is a collar pressed on that has to be cut to rebuild. Several Ultra4 KOH cars running this setup and hubs holding up. Will see how they do for long distance desert racing.

They are much bigger and stronger than the photos indicate. The hub is made of chromoly and is directly splined for the 35 spline stub axle they also have a 40 spline version. There are no lockouts, no drive plates or slugs. Very simple setup. If you break a front axle just keep racing. Will work on brake and steering fitment this weekend. Hope to reuse my rotor hats and rotors. Also going to be selling my wheels, going to a negative offset wheel to reduce scrub less stress on parts.

Could not be simpler. While the debate rages on about 5 bolt or 6 bolt snouts, we are going to 4 bolt! Just pull the spindle and yank the whole axle out? But realistically if it breaks it's going to shear at the diff splines, just let it flop around until the end of the race. In the event that it broke, it would keep it from beating everything to death. Would not weight anything either. Need to get the rotor in as far as possible so that the caliper will clear the wheel.

ttb uniball conversion

From the pics, your scrub does not look any better than stock, maybe worse. No budget for something like this now, but by the time you've raced them and figured everything out you'll be able to sell me a set for Phase 2 right? Jump to. Who is online Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.It's been 25 years since Ford put a solid axle under the front of anything but a 1-ton truck--and man, has it come a long way! Traditionally General Motors is credited blamed for converting the light-truck market to independent front suspension IFSbut the truth is that Ford set the ball rolling with its twin traction beam TTB suspension in But over the years Ford developed a reputation for building a robust IFS that can be modified for insane suspension travel.

In terms of simplicity, cost, and raw wheel travel, TTB still has an advantage over the latest stuff coming out of Dearborn. However, when it comes to street driving and ride quality, you can't beat the current production stuff.

ttb uniball conversion

We dug deep this month into the Ford tech bin to come up with goodies on all of the Ford IFS systems - no matter which one is your favorite. This change fixed the steering and tire-wear issues the TTB trucks had, but added complexity and made the F more expensive to lift.

When shopping for a lift we recommend going with a kit that includes replacement knuckles like the RCD kit shown to allow the upper A-arm to stay in the stock location. That way the front suspension can be aligned just like a stock truck and there are fewer brackets to come loose.

When modified with an extended radius-arm lift kit 4-inch Rancho kit shownthis simple IFS suspension gives an impressive amount of suspension travel with very few moving parts.

If you're looking for the most suspension travel for your dollar, TTB trucks win hands-down. Kits that lengthen the TTB and radius arms to get 16 to 21 inches of front suspension travel with 33x The biggest change from the previous suspension is the switch to rack-and-pinion steering and coilover shocks instead of torsion bars. This design gave the new truck much better ground clearance no torsion bars hanging down and even better steering feel.

To lift these Fs, most suspension manufacturers lower the differential and lower control-arm mounts and fit the truck with taller spindles. That way the stock steering stays in place, and the truck keeps the factory ride quality and alignment capability. Lift kit prices vary based on the shock option you select, but base price for this Fabtech 6-inch kit fits 35x The problem was that in order to lift these trucks, the torsion-bar mounting points would have to be lowered - killing any ground clearance you gained with bigger tires.

At the high-end, Dixon Bros. Racing offers a kit shown that widens your Ranger 4 inches per side with four new A-arms and will give your 4x4 Ranger 14 inches of wheel travel. Off-Road-Race Inspired Ford engineers designed more travel into the steering tie-rod ends, outer constant velocity CV joint, and lower ball joints on the model than on the previous F The kit comes with a new chromoly upper control arm with a 1-inch uniball for more angular movement.

These arms will also work with any aftermarket lift kit that retains the factory A-arm and spindle mounting location.


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