Ford f450 v10 gas mileage

Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Average expected life of a Ford V10? AppFanMar 5, I'm thinking about picking up a Ford F Crew Cab V10 4x4 with just under k miles to pull a 28 foot 5th wheel.

Anyone know how long these trucks typically last with regular maintenance? I know most prefer a diesel but the added cost may be overkill for my application. Am I just asking for a headache or would you trust one this old for family trips? Spark plugs being spit out of heads, exhaust studs that dissolve, some sensor issues. The pre transmissions aren't the strongest Ford ever built either.

If you can find one, the 05 and later F series with the 6. I had an 05 that I bought with K and used as a 5th wheel tow vehicle for 4 years and had no issue other than its thirst for fuel. Good luck. ADV Sponsors. Old BlueMar 5, My coworker has a 99 that he bought with k and has since put k more with no issues.

His is a stick-shift. It's been bullet-proof for him. NicoMar 5, Joined: May 1, Oddometer: 48, Location: Romeo. NDEBT to the blue oval courtesy phone.

NDEBT, call waiting. I can only suggest that the V10's certainly sound Good, even. My neighbor has one in his C-Class RV. Loves the motor, hates the Ford front suspension. Says it has a tendency to "float around", particularly with wind. Has done this since new, so it's not a wear issue. Not sure if the pick ups have the same suspension, but it might be worth taking a freeway ride for a stretch to see how it handles as well.

If pulling a 5th wheel, I wouldn't want a rig that wandered at all. Hadn't heard it labeled like that. What's the issue with them?We own a Winnebago with a Ford V On a recent trip my battery died and I replaced it. Recently we were two weeks into a month of volunteering, I started the engine to charge the battery and the same thing happened.

Can someone tell me what the problem may be and how to remedy it? Thanks in advance for advice. It is the master throttle control. When the accelerator cable is working, it moves the butterfly shaft in the Air Horn. On the opposite side of the Airhorn is the TPS switch. The butterfly shaft moves the internals of the TPS and the change in electric values makes the gas increase and the spark advance and many other controls work.

What is the fuel mileage on a 2006 Ford F-350 6.8L V10?

The TPS switch is easy to change and not very expensive. Make sure you get the one for the V as the electric values may be different for the V Your throttle body is "fly by wire". No throttle cable from the foot feed.

ford f450 v10 gas mileage

If you haven't already, test your TPS with an ohmmeter. Disconnect the wires and connect your ohmmeter. If you see erratic or jerky readings - replace the TPS. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Engines Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted October 30, Your Friend, John D. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 31, John D, welcome to the forum. Make sure you get the one for the V as the electric values may be different for the V-8 Bill.

Posted November 5, What codes does it throw when Check Engine light comes on? Posted January 14, Posted January 22, Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now.

Go To Topic Listing.All trucks are not built the same.

ford f450 v10 gas mileage

Even if made by the same manufacturer there will be differences in ride, comfort, and hauling. Before you shop, you should test drive different models to make sure you are getting what you want in a truck. Two differences may leap out at you. First, the payload is a lot heavier with the F than the F Second, the F has a wider front end for better turning.

These two differences may seem minor but once you have a heavy load, they become major differences. To find out more about the differences between the F and the F just continue to read our article. It is filled with comparison information to help you decide which is the better truck for you.

One of the main differences would be in the tires. Also, the ride of the F is about the same as the F That makes the two equal when it comes to riding pleasure.

Ford F-450 Super Duty MPG

But that ride experience does not translate into a good turning radius. The F has a worse turning radius than the F On top of that, the axles for both trucks may be the same but that is in name only. The F has a thicker axle with more splines. Finally, it may take longer to get your new F than it does to get an F The wait may be worth it though.

Two engines are available. The F gets the 6. Then the F can tow about 21, pounds with a payload capacity of 7, pounds. The F can tow about the same amount of weight but its payload capacity is lower. It holds just over 6, pounds at one time. Then for headroom, the F is a little larger. You can really stretch out in the F than you can in the F Plus, the seating capacity is about the same for both vehicles. No one gets left out when you choose either vehicle to drive.

Ford V10 Triton Engine Problems

There is little difference between the two vehicles when you look at their dimensions but that little difference may be very important if you are a little taller than average. First, the F is inches long and roughly inches wide. Its height measures out at The bed measures about 82 inches long and should be inches wide. The F, on the other hand, is The height of the F gets to Its wheelbase reaches about inches with the bed making it to The interior for both match up quite well as both vehicles hold 5 seats and has One main difference between the chassis is how governments look at both the F and the FFord's pickup truck lineup is relatively simple to understand.

ford f450 v10 gas mileage

As the numbers get progressively bigger, the trucks get more capable. The Ford F represents the pinnacle of the non-commercial fleet. Properly equipped, it can tow up to 37, pounds thanks to 1, lb-ft of stump-pulling torque delivered by a next-generation 6. On the inside, supportive seats, abundant space, and plenty of features make it easy to live with the F Hook up your trailer and load up all your heaviest gear and you'll still have a vehicle that can pamper you on the longest of road trips.

For maximum towing and hauling, though, you'll need the less accommodating regular-cab configuration instead of the more popular crew cab. You might not expect it from such a massive vehicle, but the F is available with many technology and safety features. Infotainment highlights include newly standard FordPass Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi service and available wireless smartphone charging, while the list of driving aids expands to include automatic emergency braking.

Ford also makes its driving assistance and collision avoidance tech standard on all Fs except for the base XL trim. Towing is the name of this truck's game, and the F Super Duty adds two critically important pieces of technology to support that role. The first is improved Trailer Reverse Guidance, which now works with both fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailers. The second is Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which is a semi-automated steering technology that makes reversing a trailer easier.

You do have to pay more for the Ford F Super Duty compared to other heavy-duty trucks. But if you need maximum capability, it's pretty much in a class of its own. Base XL models come standard with Inside, the F XL is equipped with air conditioning, vinyl seat and floor coverings, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, and manual windows and door locks.

A rearview camera is standard, along with Sync Bluetooth connectivity and FordPass Connect including Wi-Fi service for up to 10 devices. Every F also has a trailer-towing preparation package for fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailers. Step up to the XLT and you get chrome exterior trim, cloth upholstery, carpeted floors, and power-operated mirrors, windows and door locks.

The midrange Lariat adds power-adjustable front seats, leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, power-adjustable pedals, and a speaker premium sound system.

This version also includes power-telescoping and -folding side mirrors, a power-sliding rear window, and rear parking sensors. Western-themed King Ranch models add special exterior and interior trim, along with unique leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

This trim also equips the F with remote engine starting, automatic wipers with a de-icing function, a power-remote tailgate release, wireless device charging, a navigation system, and camera-based trailer towing aids. Platinum models throw in adaptive steering, adaptive cruise control, LED headlights and foglights, power-deploying side steps, and a built-in tailgate step. Premium leather and heated rear seats are also standard.

At the top of the lineup is the Limited trim level. It comes only with four-wheel drive and includes a fancy grille, massaging front seats wrapped in exclusive two-tone leather, leather-wrapped dashboard and door armrest trim, a faux suede headliner, and a dual-panel sunroof. Many standard features offered on upper trim levels are available as options on the rest of the lineup. Other noteworthy add-ons include fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailer hitch kits, a power takeoff feature to power accessories using the engine, stowable loading ramps, a supplemental rapid cab heater, trailer tire-pressure monitoring and a spray-in bedliner.

Be the first to write a review.By hankoNovember 3, in Type A motorhomes. I've seen MPG range of 6. Overall, I'm recording an average of 7. I have a Winnebago Class C, 29' with V engine. My mileage ranges from 6.

ford f450 v10 gas mileage

I tow a Saturn Vue most of the time. I am satisfied. Just purchased a '12 Winnebago Adventurer and drove it miles home towing a Honda CR V against a strong headwind the entire trip; averaged 6.

Could've been better, could've been worse. I have a Damon Challanger 36' and average 7. Averaged 6. I have a 33ft. Winnebago and if I keep my speed under 65 on flat land and interstate I get an avg of 8. I have a new Tiffin 30 GA with the V that gets 6. I have it in a 36' Gulfstream and pull a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I get about We drove a 25 ft, Phoenix Flyer by Fleetwood for 4 years, and we got You can imagine my surprise when we replaced it with a Jamboree also by Fleetwood which gets about 7 mpg.

The Jamboree is a foot longer and weighs about pounds more, and has the same engine. I don't know about the transmission. I called Ford, Fleetwood, and anybody else I could think of, and the typical response was something like "WOW you sure did good with that Phoenix Flyer.

You should have kept it" which wasn't too helpful. I think the problem is that the computer is programmed for performance, not for economy. I swear the the thing looks down the road and says to itself "OMG, there's rise in the roadway ahead, I'd better shift down". It doesn't allow the engine to work.Without further ado, here is the MPG of our new motorhome.

It was warm enough we had to run the dash AC a bit, but not too much. We climbed several hills en-route and we battled some strong crosswinds through most of the Midwest.

Wind was average but not anything to complain about. We did not run the generator during this part of the trip thanks to our solar and lithium technology upgrades. Maybe it was more hilly and mountainous than our previous routes? Sadly, we rushed through this portion of trip heading south from our Alaska Adventures. There are some hills but nothing that stood out to me as a big mountain. How did I end up with such poor MPG? We have loads of thoughts on Gas vs. If you know of that secret Class A motorhome that gets amazing MPG please share in the comments below.

My wife and I have been full time for the last 14 months. We have a Winnebago Voyage 38J. It has a workhorse w24 chassis, 8. Since we started our journey now about 9, miles so far, the dash computer shows The coach fully loaded was weighed at 23, we tow a dolly with a Toyota Prius C, 2, for the car and 1, for the dolly.

Gross weight combined being 27, Coach GCWR is 30, so we are much under that. We cruise at 60 mph and the engine is at 2, rpm on cruise control on interstate highways. Hi, I have owned 2 class cs, 3class as class c was 30 ft Ford triton, 26 ft c ford triton ,Hated the screaming engine ,lack of power and mpg. Class A 40 ft Americn Tradidition diesel pusher, p.

American Eagle hp not uch more power than the Got away from it for years ready to go again. No cab over, no gas small enough to drive around every were. Took Pics. Hope this helps some undecideded. Late to the party but if you want diesel like performance then get the Triton V10 centrifugal supercharger added. Delivers more horsepower and at cruise delivers more fuel economy. If you find any visible mold patches, use EPA approved sprays to kill the spores, disinfect all adjacent surfaces, and apply a sealant when the area is completely dry for added protection against mold growth in the future.

My understanding is ford reduced the horsepower and increased the torque in the new engine. The first time I checked the MPG we got about 6.The Ford F gains a revised suspension, larger brakes with anti-lock calibration, and a revamped steering system. The Ford F is the largest model in the Super Duty range and is powered by a turbocharged 6. Unlike the F and F, the F isn't offered with a gasoline-powered powertrain and is only available with four-wheel drive.

With its standard diesel engine and torque-rich powertrain, the F is an ideal truck for towing and hauling. Straight-line performance is also notable as it enables to truck to accelerate fairly quickly despite its size.

However, the car's curb weight of more than 9, pounds means it consumes diesel at an alarming rate. Ride quality, on the other hand, is surprisingly good for a large truck thanks to improvements made to the F's suspension setup. For towing and hauling, the Ford F is nearly unmatched since it has the highest tow rating among heavy duty trucks. In a First Test review, we noted that the truck didn't struggle to haul 10, pounds on its fifth-wheel gooseneck.

However, the F's curb weight, which is more than 9, pounds, means it chugs diesel and returned a The "man step" on the truck bed is another issue because it blocks the way into the bed, making it a hassle to load the vehicle. Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Other years: Fair Market Price:? The actual transaction price depends on many variables from dealer inventory to bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation. Expensive Guzzles diesel "Man step" blocks the bed.

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